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3 ways to ensure longevity of your family-run business

Many people assume that a family business is the most fragile form of investment. They believe it may not go further than two or three generations. For this reason, they might not want any involvement with it. According to Harvard Business Review, many articles or speeches about family businesses today include a reference to the three-generation rule.

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Inflation keeps rising, how can you beat the curve as an investor? 
Inflation - what can you do as an investor?

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WACMaC 2023 concludes with a focus on infrastructure deficit and sustainable financing 
L-R: AIGBOVBIOISE AIG-IMOUKHUEDE - MD, Coronation Asset Management; Oscar N. Onyema, OON GMD and CEO, Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX Group); Daiyabu Kuffi, Director DG's Office Kabir Securities and exchange commission (SEC); Musa Kabir, Securities and exchange commission (SEC) At the 3rd biennial West Africa Capital Markets Conference (WACMaC) held at the prestigious Eko Hotel in Lagos

Coronation, a leading financial institution in Africa, played a pivotal role as one of the sponsors of WACMaC 2023.

How to navigate economic uncertainty in Nigeria through adaptive strategies for wealth preservation 
Economic uncertainty and wealth preservation

Economic uncertainty in Nigeria is a constant phenomenon. But, what is the way out?

Economic implications of Nigeria’s relations with the UAE for your business
President Tinubu opens bilateral relations with the UAE

Coronation Merchant Bank is committed to help businesses and investors take advantage of these opportunities.

Start playing, start winning & get financially fit with the Coronation Fantasy League

Why Coronation? Because we are the big players in the industry. Why Coronation Fantasy League? Because that is where all the big things happen! This is also where all the champions assemble. I mean, can you really say you know so much about investments in Africa if you haven’t heard Coronation pop up in a …

Start playing, start winning & get financially fit with the Coronation Fantasy League Read More »

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5 ways successful people think when investing in Nigerian Mutual Funds

Investing their money in the right resources. Resources that are guaranteed to yield the best returns, thereby multiplying their wealth. It all begins with investing in Mutual Funds. But to be more specific, Nigerian mutual funds. We will highlight below what they know and how they think. Please take a cue from them.

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Lord Mayor’s Show 2023: This collaboration allows us spotlight Nigeria’s financial and professional services sector to a global audience – Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede
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Investing made easy: Wealth building tips for you 
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Riding the storm: Tailored wealth management strategies for Nigerian Millennials and Gen Z
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Money and social climbing: The 4 strategies you don’t know that will set you apart

By Itoro Okopide The dynamics in social climbing The Collins dictionary defines social climbing as the act of trying to get accepted into a higher social class by becoming friends with people who belong to that class. Someone may want to ask why social climbing is necessary in today’s world. The answer is simple. Because …

Money and social climbing: The 4 strategies you don’t know that will set you apart Read More »

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