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Money and social climbing: The 4 strategies you don't know that will set you apart

June 9, 2023
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By Itoro Okopide

The dynamics in social climbing

The Collins dictionary defines social climbing as the act of trying to get accepted into a higher social class by becoming friends with people who belong to that class. Someone may want to ask why social climbing is necessary in today’s world. The answer is simple. Because you can’t afford to be the same old you, at the same level, all through your entire life!

Do you have to play phony in your social climbing journey? Not at all. Do you have to be a professional to become a successful social climber? What on earth would make you think that? That leads to the main thing that is required in social climbing, which is genuineness. So, you should genuinely want to climb; genuinely want to improve on yourself and upgrade to the level you intend to climb to. In other words, you should be prepared to climb holistically.

What works?

If you intend to belong to a certain social club – like the Rotary club. In terms of appearance, packaging and personality, you should fit into your new class. In terms of intellectual capability, you should not be lagging and in terms of emotional intelligence, you should be well equipped. Otherwise, you will be found out, exposed and identified as one who does not belong to that class. That means you will be regarded as a FAKE or PHONY.

Generally, you will need to grab great social climbing opportunities, whenever they present themselves and run along. But please remember, your intentions shouldn’t be obvious to anyone. As a matter of fact, it is a taboo for a social climber to be seen through, in the process of adopting a new identity.

Because many people have a keen interest in how successful social climbers do it, there are some genuine strategies you can adopt that have worked well for others too. Surely, these strategies will help you on your journey, too. That being established, a conversation with two successful social climbers would provide real life insight to how the game is played. These two are Christabel and Onome (real names hidden), they are avid social climbers and mentioned a lot on how they made it on their social climbing journey and below are the four rules they had in common.

1. You dare not mention

This is the rule to go by and the most important. Even though it is okay to think that social climbing is not an entirely bad idea, especially for those who climb for positive reasons. It is still not advisable to brag about it carelessly. This is because social climbing can be used derogatively to refer to becoming anxious to gain a higher social status in order to prove that one is important. That is why it shouldn’t be surprising that some people in society frown at people who want to social climb. That’s why it is best not to announce your exciting social climbing expedition.

Just as Christabel put it, “how do you expect to get anything out of it if you go about announcing your mission?” So, put simply, do not announce, if you want to get “anything” out of it, which then translates to meeting the right calibre of people that will ultimately lead to making more MONEY.

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2. Please say no

There will be a need to say no to some events. Both Christabel and Onome think that you would appear less suspicious and gain more respect if you are not found anywhere and everywhere. So, while you are gaining popularity in these circles and receiving all the invitations to the hottest events in town, please stop for a minute and say no to some events. Why? Because attending all these events cost MONEY.

What do they recommend? First, you should have a goal that aligns with your purpose for social climbing. Secondly, you should streamline these goals to actions that will be beneficial to you in the future. Thirdly, strive to meet the “big fishes” that reign supreme in the circles that are more beneficial to you. For example, attending an exclusive book reading party that has a renowned editor in chief will be more beneficial in the long run to a young journalist or writer as compared to a financial analyst. So, save your money for only the important events.

3. Never stop pitching

Use a subtle manner to pitch, always. “On your journey, pitching never stops. That way, people can involuntarily introduce you to others without you being there” says Onome. You are at a party, and you just introduced yourself to Mr A as a risk assessment officer in a modest firm. Mr C sights acquaintance A and walks up to him and after exchanging pleasantries, Mr C asks, “who was that?” Of course, Mr A, who you just had a conversation with, would introduce you as that risk officer working in a modest firm.

Christabel agrees with her. According to her, new climbers who are less reserved tend to succeed faster than those who are “disciplined.” Also, everyone in the scene just wants to know the newbies so they ask questions with or without your knowledge. We couldn’t agree less, after all we saw the famous video clip of Prince Harry telling a host of dignitaries, he was interacting with that his wife was a perfect voice over artist during the Lion King’s world premiere in London in 2019. Among the dignitaries he told was the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. What followed the following year was a charity voiceover deal Disney signed with Meghan.

What may also work according to Christabel is intentionally being near a trusted friend or family member of a big fish you hope to meet so you can get introduced. You can never tell; you might just be offered a new deal as a salesperson in a lead firm. Ultimately, this translates to more MONEY.  

4. What have you got if…?

The unknown happens. Sometimes one doesn’t plan for tragedies, but they are normal occurrences in life. So, what have you got on your person to bail yourself out? There are times the climber will be faced with a socially awkward situation that was not planned for. These situations range from being asked unexpectedly to donate money to mistakenly damaging a host’s figurine.

What Onome and Christabel jointly advise is having a “prized” piece on you at all times. These items should have a second-hand value and are easy to sell. Examples include gold jewellery and a nice wristwatch. etc. Nothing too expensive but something worth it. So, while going out to any of those high-profile events, be sure to always have them on you.

Armed with these tips, you are well equipped to make a success of your social climbing exploits. Remember: you can’t afford to remain at the same level for too long.

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