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Does it make sense to buy shares in a company that sponsors Big Brother Naija?

September 2, 2023
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Another season of Big Brother Naija (All Stars) is on. And as usual, people have turned to their TV screens to watch the latest drama unfold. Well at least for the ‘yuppies’ – Gen Zs and millennials. Meanwhile, trend spotting brand managers and marketers have latched on to paid partnerships with the show’s producers, as part of their growth plans.

Partnerships have always been a business strategy, both on and off the books. Mutual relationships between strategic investors and businesses that support pop-culture phenomenon like Big Brother Naija, however, is an up-and-coming trend in the Nigerian market.

A closer look reveals there’s more than meets the eye with the fascinating connection between this showbiz and brands. The unique mix of brand resonance, wide visibility, multi-channel engagement (online and offline) that lies beneath the surface glitz and glamour reaps rewards that go well beyond the confines of television screens.

Industry giants like Airtel Nigeria, with a subscriber base of 60.3 million as of February 2023, carefully plan their marketing strategies to go beyond market dynamics and monetary gains.

The sponsorship of popular reality TV programmes like Big Brother Naija, which has an average audience of 309 million (per information from DStv), is the summary of a calculated investment in its very essence.

The show’s wide-ranging appeal, which casts its net across diverse demographics, offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to communicate their values.

Big Brother Naija
Why buy shares in a company that sponsors Big Brother Naija?

The art of brand resonance

The interesting partnership trends between brands and pop culture reflects a forward-thinking investment tactic. By joining forces with a popular show like Big Brother Naija, companies transform from being merely providers of goods or services into integral companions on the journeys of personal stories.

The connection is about developing an emotional dialogue and forming a bond that goes beyond the sphere of transactions; it’s not simply about providing entertainment.

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Wide visibility = long-term investment

The focus doesn’t limit itself to temporary visibility; it represents a profound exploration of long-term investment. Just as smart investment portfolios forge themselves with a long-term vision, strategic sponsorships contribute to establishing a brand’s enduring legacy. Airtel Nigeria’s affiliation with Big Brother Naija not only highlights its commitment to storytelling entertainment but also solidifies its resonance with the dreams and goals of Nigerians.

Multi-channel engagement

Also, there are many levels of complexity at the point where branding and investing strategies meet. The relationship between Big Brother Naija and brands that sponsor the TV show represents more than just a wise financial move; it represents a forward-thinking recognition of the transformative power of multi-channel engagement.

Adaptability is the key to effective investments in a time when media consumption habits are changing. By cleverly bridging the worlds of traditional television and the enormous array of digital media, the sponsorship maximises reach and engagement.

In this situation, however, the design of values and investment acumen is not random. Similar to how smart investors carefully consider a company’s fundamentals before investing, brands carefully consider how their values line up with the platforms they support.

The sponsorship of Big Brother Naija echoes the brand’s dedication to human connections, innovation, and empowerment in a way that strengthens both sides’ integrity.

Are there doubts?

There are objections, however, as to the content the show provides. For instance, a Risk Manager at Coronation, Jesse Akanbi, highlights the reputational risks of a show where ‘morally questionable’ content is shared. He says:

“There are reputational risks of the companies that sponsor Big Brother Naija. There is a significant number of people in society who have conservative views and will have reservations about what happens on the show. But reputational risks may be accepted in this case, because there is a reasoning that the audience of the show are usually open-minded.”

Other objections can vary depending on an individual’s personal values, ethical considerations, and investment goals. Here are some common objections:

Investors who are culturally sensitive may object to investing in a company that supports a show that they believe clashes with their cultural or moral values. This objection could be particularly relevant in societies with diverse cultural backgrounds like Nigeria.

Also, some investors may question whether the short-term visibility and engagement gained through sponsorship of a reality show will translate into long-term business benefits and sustainable growth. They may prefer companies with more traditional and conservative marketing strategies.

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It’s important to note that objections to investing in a company sponsoring Big Brother Naija are subjective and vary from person to person. Some investors may choose to avoid such companies based on their principles, while others may prioritise financial returns and view the sponsorship as a marketing strategy to reach a broad audience.

A case study of Airtel

The value of Airtel Nigeria’s shares as of Friday, August 18, 2023, was at ₦1,250.00 per share on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX).

This is a significant increase from ₦955.00 per share in December 2021. This is the year the company was listed as one of the sponsors of Big Brother Naija Season 6 also known as Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye. This value also grew from ₦615.00 in July 2021 when the show began, representing a 55.28% increase.

However, several factors outside of marketing campaigns like Big Brother sponsorship can influence the share value of a company in Nigeria to increase over time.

As a smart investor, it’s essential to consider a combination of economic, industry-specific, and company-specific factors when assessing the potential for share value growth including:

  • Revenue growth
  • Market penetration
  • Economic conditions
  • Dividend policy
  • Regulatory environment, etc

In other words, as with any investment decision, thorough research and consideration of one’s own values and goals are essential. This is because we have seen brands like Patricia and Abeg take on headline sponsorship of the show and have almost shut down operations after.

In summary, choosing to invest in a business that supports Big Brother Naija encompasses a complex mosaic of contemporary investment knowledge.


The involvement of brands in the sponsorship initiative highlights the deep interdependence of visibility, brand resonance, and strategic positioning. It shows a commitment that goes beyond the limitations of simple numbers to create narratives that resonate with and flourish in the general mind.

Investment goes beyond mathematical calculations, as the partnership between Airtel Nigeria and Big Brother Naija suggests. Instead, it’s about leveraging stories that resonate and succeed—an investment approach that combines juicy sponsorships and forward-thinking investment tactics.

While you may not be able to invest in the Big Brother Naija show itself, you can diversify your investment portfolio by investing in companies listed on the stock exchange. Coronation Securities is a trusted brokerage that can help you invest in great companies that would help you grow your wealth. Click the link here to speak to one of our expert financial advisors.

Be like Colette, a 34-year-old smart investor who bought ₦3 million worth of Airtel shares at the end of 2019 at approximately ₦300 and made about ₦12 million at the beginning of 2023 considering it was valued at ₦1,550.00 per share.

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