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WACMaC 2023 concludes with a focus on infrastructure deficit and sustainable financing 

October 27, 2023

The highly anticipated West Africa Capital Market Conference (WACMaC) 2023, successfully concluded on October 26, 2023, having started on October 25. The conference brought together esteemed participants from across the West African region to delve into the pressing issues of infrastructure deficit and sustainable financing within an integrated capital market. 

The theme of this year’s conference, “Infrastructure Deficit and Sustainable Financing in an Integrated West Africa Capital Market,” resonated with the attendees, as it addressed the crucial need for robust infrastructure development and sustainable financing solutions to drive economic growth and development in the region. 

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the 3rd edition on October 25, Nigeria’s Vice President, Senator Kashim Shettima, said that the infrastructural deficit in the West African sub-region is better tackled from inside and not through foreign borrowing alone, stressing that the job of the capital market in Nigeria and across the region is therefore cut out for it and this extends to Africa at large. 

Shettima, represented by Special Adviser to the President on Economic Affairs in the Office of the Vice President, Tope Fasua said the centrality of capital market to Nigeria’s development trajectory, especially to the evolution of the corporate sector, industries and most importantly infrastructural development cannot be overemphasised. 

The vice president added that it is a time of intense competition among nations and resources, and with advancements in technology, nations can reach nations with their products just as businesses have their fingers in billions of pockets the world over. 

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We are proud to announce that Coronation, a leading financial institution in the region, played a pivotal role as one of the sponsors of WACMaC 2023. This is a testament to Coronation’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promote growth and development in Africa. 

WACMaC 2023

Throughout the conference, prominent keynote speakers and panellists shared their insights and expertise, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities surrounding infrastructure development in West Africa.  

Discussions revolved around the importance of public-private partnerships, innovative financing mechanisms, and regulatory frameworks that foster capital market growth and attract local and international investors. 

L-R: Sophie Paul, Head, Sales And Business Development, Coronation Registrars limited; Mr. Ripert E. Bossoukpe, Secretary General, Financial Markets Authority of the West African Monetary Union, (AMF-UMOA), Temitope Adenaike, General Counsel, Coronation Group Limited; Emeka Chukwurah, Legal Analyst, Trium Limited; at the 3rd biennial West Africa Capital Markets Conference (WACMaC) sponsored by Coronation group limited which held today, at Eko hotel, Lagos.
Notable highlights from the WACMaC conference include: 

1. Keynote Addresses: Esteemed speakers, including government officials, industry experts, and thought leaders, delivered inspiring keynote addresses, emphasising the significance of infrastructure development and sustainable financing for the region’s economic progress. 

2. Panel Discussions: Engaging panel discussions explored various dimensions of infrastructure deficit and sustainable financing, featuring experts from different sectors, including finance, infrastructure, and policymaking. Panellists shared valuable insights and success stories, highlighting the importance of stakeholder collaboration to address infrastructure challenges. 

As the conference concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of commitment and determination to work together towards a more integrated and prosperous West African capital market. 

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