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Say hello to beauty and catch the thrills of art pieces collected by Dotun Sulaiman at the Coronation Art Gallery event

August 17, 2023
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There is so much beauty in the world to be admired. Again, there is so much beauty in art. Art is beautiful because it is the product of a creative mind. In an earlier piece where I spoke of demystifying art, I unravelled that art touches on every facet of life. These facets include, but are not limited: to language, dressing, food, music and so on. I also highlighted the different art classifications. You can read the blog post here.

Our love and appreciation for art at Coronation has driven us to curate and package an unforgettable viewing experience for the public. Our area of concentration is visual art; and we have chosen to sample the art pieces collected by our much-loved Dotun Sulaiman. This is our first art gallery event of the year, so it is expected to be an unforgettable experience, worth your while.

Who is Dotun Sulaiman?

Mr. Adedotun Sulaiman, MFR, is a seasoned management & Strategy Consultant who serves as the Executive Chairman of Arian Capital Limited. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in corporate management. He enjoys collecting art.  

Who is this event for?

The Coronation Art Gallery event is for everyone! Everyone loves art because art is life! So, if you are a fan of visual and contemporary art, we can’t wait to welcome you to the event. And for those who love to network, and meet new people, there isn’t a better place to be!

Most importantly, if you are an artist, the stage is set for you to explore and gain fresh ideas.

Where is the stage?

Coronation Art Gallery. Plaza 9 – 12 Amodu Ojikutu Street, Victoria Island. Lagos.

The time is 7pm.

As a tip of the iceberg, an atmosphere of lovely ambience, serenity and entertainment awaits you.

We are excited to be your host!

See you there!

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