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Prince’s Trust International and Coronation partnership: Helping young Nigerians build their careers

July 12, 2023
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A new partnership between Prince’s Trust International and Coronation will help many young people across Nigeria to secure meaningful employment. This is coming at a time when the unemployment rate in the country is at its peak and many young people are stranded, employment wise.

Founded in 2015 by His Majesty King Charles III, the Prince of Wales, Prince’s Trust International has been supporting young people worldwide through education, employability and enterprise programmes. As part of Coronation’s mission to equip youth with relevant skills (as established in our partnership with Enterprise NGR to train 100 graduates yearly and offer them employment), Coronation is lending her support in a grand way to support the work of Prince’s Trust International in Nigeria. The core aim of Prince’s Trust International is to help young people learn, earn and thrive.

The launch of the Prince’s Trust International was a three-day event with a series of activities beginning on July 4, 2023. Day one was a career fair, featuring coaching and highlighting employment opportunities. On day two, Coronation, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede Foundation and partners of PTI paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Lagos State. Afterwards, there was a reception hosted in partnership with the Deputy British High Commission and Anap Foundation. On day three, Coronation hosted PTI and other partners for a launch dinner.

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“Our programmes respond to three specific challenges which significantly affect young people’s chances of building the future they deserve – the jobs gap, the skills gap and the experience gap. Combined with the continued fallout from the pandemic and a cost-of-living crisis, young people need our support now more than ever”, said Will Straw, Chief Executive Officer, Prince’s Trust International.
Prince’s Trust International will help tackle these gaps by offering the following programmes:

  1. Get Into: An intensive, sector-specific training programme. Developed in partnership with employers and delivered through a PTI Partner, Field of Skills and Dreams VTE Academy. This programme will prepare young people for entry-level jobs.
  2. Get Ready: This is a digital personal development programme which will be delivered through WhatsApp. This programme is designed to enhance young people’s employability and entrepreneurship skills.
  3. Get Hired: This programme will connect work-ready job-seekers with employers who have entry-level vacancies.
  4. Sustainable Enterprise Challenge: This programme will encourage, inspire and upskill the next generation of entrepreneurs, supporting them to develop core skills, entrepreneurial expertise and climate literacy.

At Coronation, we are creating awareness through small and big ways, by showing love and through our partnerships with the PTI to support youth to tackle unemployment. Our impact will ultimately be measured by the value we are able to add to their lives and by extension to the lives of those close to them. We urge you to also be a part of this good cause.

Let’s all come together and be united in the common goal of helping young people to succeed.

To support the work of Prince’s Trust International, please click here.

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