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Investing for wealth creation: The Nigerian Startup ecosystem

October 13, 2023

In Nigeria where possibilities are limitless, influenced by a youthful dynamic population and tech-driven investment, the startup scene is flourishing like never before. Except we argue that the boom is beginning to wane. However, against the backdrop of a rapidly expanding digital infrastructure and a thriving entrepreneurial landscape, the Nigerian startup ecosystem is making its mark on the global stage. With a focus on innovation and a relatively deep understanding of local market dynamics, these startups are presenting unparalleled investment opportunities for those willing to explore the world of impact investing. 

The rise of the Nigerian tech ecosystem 

Nigeria’s tech ecosystem has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. According to Disrupt Africa, Nigeria is the most popular tech startup investment destination in Africa. Between 2015 and 2022, 383 tech startups raised a combined US$2,068,709,445. 

A report by Disrupt Africa says “While the number of Nigerian startups raising funding grew steadily over the first few years of tracking, the real spike has occurred since 2020. That year, the number of startups securing funding shot to 85 from the previous year’s 48. In 2021, the figure almost doubled again, to 161. By August 2022, 107 Nigerian startups had raised funding.”  

The country’s young and digitally savvy population, combined with a growing internet penetration rate, which reached 55.4% in January 2023, has created fertile ground for technology-driven solutions to flourish. Nigerian startups have risen to the occasion, harnessing these trends to pioneer ground-breaking solutions across various sectors. 

Fintech and a spectrum of opportunities 

Within Nigeria’s tech startup landscape, diverse niches are teeming with potential for growth and impact. Fintech firms have introduced accessible and convenient mobile payment solutions, bringing financial services to previously underserved populations. These startups are not just responding to market demands; they are reshaping entire industries and pioneering new standards of excellence. 

Local insights, global impact 

One of the most compelling aspects of investing in Nigerian startups is the wealth of local insights that investors can leverage. Local investors possess an intimate understanding of Nigeria’s intricate market dynamics, cultural nuances, and consumer behaviour.  

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This insider knowledge becomes a powerful asset when evaluating investment opportunities. Nigerian startups are often rooted in the real-world challenges faced by Nigerians daily. From innovative healthcare solutions to disruptive financial services, these startups are addressing fundamental issues and improving lives. 

A win-win for local investors 

Investing in Nigerian startups not only promises financial returns but also presents a unique opportunity for local investors to contribute to the nation’s economic growth and development. By providing crucial capital, mentorship, and support to these startups, local investors become catalysts for change within their communities. They help bring novel ideas to life, create employment opportunities, and foster a culture of innovation that reverberates throughout society. 

Take the case of Trium, a venture capital firm, that combines entrepreneurial execution, technological capabilities and diverse exceptional talent; while continuously challenging the status quo in order to reshape the way technology impacts the financial markets specifically and the larger society. 

Essentially, Trium aims to build well-positioned, well-run, cash-generative and sustainable businesses that become significant employers and sources of growth in West Africa. 

Growth potential and global reach 

Nigeria’s large consumer base is not only an advantage within the country but also a stepping stone for global expansion. Many Nigerian startups have expanded to serve international markets, taking their innovations beyond the borders. With the right business model and a scalable solution, entrepreneurs can use Nigeria as a launchpad to access the broader African market. 

Investing for wealth creation: The Nigerian Startup ecosystem answer 

Access to funding and a supportive ecosystem 

Nigeria is grappling with a surprising turn of events in 2023. The nation’s tech ecosystem, which had consistently ranked as the top destination for startup funding on the continent, now finds itself in fifth place for funding volume in the first half of this year, Marketing Edge reports.  

The Nigerian startup ecosystem, therefore, is not just about great ideas; it’s also about execution and support.  

Incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms are actively supporting early-stage startups. Organisations like the African Fintech Foundry and Trium are providing funding, mentorship, and resources to help startups thrive. The ecosystem also offers networking opportunities and collaboration, enabling entrepreneurs to learn from each other and grow together. 

The path forward: Investing in Nigerian startups 

As the Nigerian startup ecosystem continues to evolve, investing has become a pivotal force for wealth creation and societal advancement. By aligning financial goals with a commitment to addressing pressing challenges, investors can drive positive change while reaping the rewards of a burgeoning tech scene.  

In this dynamic landscape, Nigerian startups are not just the future. They are the present, offering a compelling narrative of innovation, resilience, and untapped potential. 

The role of investors in unleashing potential

In the realm of investing, the Nigerian startup ecosystem beckons with promise. It invites investors to be a part of a transformative journey, where financial gains and societal progress walk hand in hand. For those who recognise the power of this ecosystem, the time to invest in Nigeria’s tech-driven future is now.  

Africa is one place where potential is limitless.  

A spectrum of investment avenues 

Within the Nigerian startup ecosystem, various sectors present unique opportunities for investment. Fintech startups, for instance, are at the forefront of financial inclusion. They provide banking and payment services to the unbanked and underbanked populations. By investing in these startups, investors can contribute to reducing financial inequality and fostering economic empowerment. 

Healthtech is another burgeoning sector that holds immense potential. Nigerian health startups are developing innovative solutions to address healthcare challenges, from telemedicine platforms to diagnostics and drug delivery services. Investors in this space are not only driving financial returns but also improving access to quality healthcare for Nigerians. 

In the agriculture technology (AgriTech) sector, startups are revolutionising farming practices, improving food security, and enhancing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Investors can play a pivotal role in supporting sustainable agriculture initiatives that have far-reaching social and environmental benefits. 

Navigating challenges and seizing opportunities 

While the Nigerian startup ecosystem is rife with opportunities, it is not without its challenges. Infrastructure gaps, regulatory hurdles, and market competition are among the obstacles that startups face. Investors need to be adept at navigating these challenges and providing the necessary support and guidance to help startups thrive. 

Ultimately, it is impact for today, legacy for tomorrow 

Investing in Nigerian startups is not merely an opportunity for financial gains; it is a means to drive positive change and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and development. As local and global investors recognise the power of this ecosystem, the path forward is clear: invest in Nigeria’s tech-driven future and be part of a transformative journey where financial prosperity and societal progress go hand in hand.  

The impact today can shape the legacy of tomorrow. 

Trium, an affiliate of Coronation Group Limited, is a venture capital business committed to growing the startup ecosystem. To partner with Trium, please send an email to

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