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Inflation got you sweating? See how you can beat the challenge

February 6, 2024

The sun beat down on Amina’s back as she weaved through the bustling crowd on Galadima Road. Her eyes darted from spice mountains to fabric stalls, dreaming of a bigger Adire market store of her own, one overflowing with vibrant indigo textiles, just like Mama used to make. But the path wasn’t paved with silk. Each bolt of fabric weighed heavy with its cost, each market day a dance between profit and loss. Inflation, a sneaky monster, threatened to snatch her dreams away. 

One day, amidst the haggling and laughter, a man named Mallam Abubakar approached. His gaze, kind and knowing, held the wisdom of a seasoned traveller. He held out a worn map, not of streets, but of Amina’s future. On it, Galadima Road was not just a path, but a journey leading to different dreams: a sprawling Adire store, a schoolhouse for her children, a life painted with freedom and security. 

Each path,” Mallam explained, “needs not just strength, but smarts like a farmer who grows many crops, not just one.” He told her about risks and rewards, like balancing on a log over a river, fear turning into joy with every steady step. And most importantly, he offered to be her guide, a flashlight in the financial darkness, helping her avoid potholes and make the most of every market day. 

Amina’s heart, once weary, sparked with hope. She clutched the map, its creases mirroring her own struggles, and saw in Mallam Abubakar not just an advisor, but a friend, a compass pointed towards the stars of her dreams. 

Armed with Mallam’s wisdom and the map clutched tight, Amina tackled each challenge head-on. She bargained like a market queen, strategised like a farmer tending his fields, and adapted like a chameleon in the ever-changing market. The path was long, and there were stumbles and doubts, but with each hurdle crossed, the Adire store got closer, the schoolhouse bell seemed to chime louder, and the whispers of her success grew stronger. 

And finally, beneath a sign that spelled “Amina’s Adire Place,” she stood, surrounded by colourful fabrics as vibrant as her dreams.

Inflation got you sweating? See how you can beat the challenge

In that moment, Amina knew it wasn’t just her hard work or even the map that brought her there. It was the unwavering belief in her dreams, the guiding hand of a friend, and the story of a girl from Galadima Road who, thread by thread, wove her own empire of silk and freedom. 

Remember, like Amina, life is a journey, and just like any intrepid explorer, you need a reliable compass to guide you toward your destination. When it comes to the landscape of your financial aspirations, that compass is asset management. 

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Imagine your financial goals as distant mountain peaks, each holding the promise of security, freedom, or simply the joy of achieving a long-held dream. Asset management is your map, charting the course through valleys of risk and across plains of opportunity. We may sound religious, but it equips you with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions, navigate market fluctuations, and ultimately reach your financial summits. 

Here’s how asset management acts as your pathfinder: 

1. Charting the course: It all starts with an unclouded vision. Asset management professionals, like the ones at Coronation, work with you to define your financial goals, whether it is a comfortable retirement, a child’s education, or that dream vacation villa. By understanding your unique needs and risk tolerance, they can tailor a personalised investment strategy, plotting the best route to your financial Everest. 

Without a destination, a journey is just a meander,” says Robert Frost. Similarly, your financial journey needs a defined goal. We at Coronation work alongside you to understand your ambitions, whether it is a child’s college fund, a stress-free retirement, or an early escape from the corporate ladder. With your desired horizon in sight, we can map the most efficient route to reach it. 

2. Diversification: Embracing the open road: No explorer relies solely on a single trail. Similarly, effective asset management embraces diversification. Spreading your investments across different asset classes, like stocks and bonds reduces your vulnerability to unforeseen storms, like an inflation rate of about 28.9%, and keeps your financial journey on track, even when one path becomes impassable. 

It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow, and not venture all his eggs in one basket,” warns Miquel de Cervantes’ in 1605. Diversification is like packing for a long backpacking trip – you wouldn’t rely solely on a single pair of socks, would you? By spreading your investments across different assets, you build resilience against market fluctuations. Just like a diverse ecosystem thrives through various species, a diversified portfolio weathers economic storms more effectively. 

3. Risk and reward: The thrill of the climb: Every mountain peak comes with its challenges. Asset management helps you understand and manage risk, equipping you with the skills to navigate market volatility and make informed decisions. By balancing risk with potential rewards, you can push your boundaries and conquer your financial goals with calculated confidence. 

4. Staying the course: The power of discipline: Just like any long journey, reaching your financial destination requires focus and perseverance. Asset management provides the discipline and guidance you need to stay on track, even when temptations or market turbulence threaten to derail you. It’s like having a seasoned sherpa, reminding you of your goal and keeping your eyes fixed on the prize. 

5. Adapting to change: The financial landscape is dynamic, constantly evolving like the weather on a mountain. Asset management equips you with the flexibility to adapt and adjust your strategy as circumstances change. Whether it is economic shifts, market fluctuations, or personal life changes, your asset management partner will be there to help you recalibrate your path and ensure you reach your summit. 

Ultimately, asset management is not just about managing investments; it is about taking control of your financial future. It is about embracing the freedom and empowerment that comes with knowing you have the tools and support to navigate the financial landscape and reach your goals. 

Coronation Asset Management is your trusted guide on the financial journey 

At Coronation Asset Management, we believe everyone deserves a reliable compass and a skilled sherpa on their financial journey. We offer a range of tailored services and expert guidance to help you navigate the complexities of the market and reach your financial peaks. With Coronation as your partner, you can embark on your financial adventure with confidence, knowing you have the expertise and support to turn your financial dreams into a breathtaking reality. 

Let Coronation be your pathfinder. Contact us today and chart your course to financial success. 

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