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Coronation Investment Academy: The new learning platform financial experts believe every potential investor should exploit

July 19, 2023

At what age did you begin your investment journey? How has it been so far? And what have you learnt on your investment journey?

We can add to whatever knowledge you have acquired and move you a notch higher towards becoming a successful investor. That’s our promise!

But if you are anything like us, you will agree to the profound love we have for investing. There are several good reasons why we love investments and helping to encourage people to tow the path of investment. In addition, it is also our duty to ensure that we guide people to invest in instruments that will yield good returns. Let’s highlight below some of the benefits of investing in the right products/companies. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Creating and building wealth

2.  Staying ahead of inflation.

3.  Meeting personal and financial goals

4.  Planning for retirement

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Why investments?

Investments are good, however, lots of people have a hard time figuring out where to begin and the type of investment to go for. There are other setbacks that stem from a lot of factors. They range from lack of awareness of the right places to invest resources or inexperience to lack of capital, among others. When these factors are adequately addressed, then positive action could be taken towards living the life of your dreams.

By whichever means you intend to take to generate wealth, remember that you must start out early. For those who lack knowledge and experience in investing, we recommend they contact a Portfolio Manager. Portfolio Managers are responsible for making investment decisions and carrying out investment activities on behalf of an individual. However, we know that some people would simply want to be involved in managing their investments. Not just because it is safe to do so, but because this is a skill that is priceless. With this and you in mind, the Coronation Investment Academy was launched.

What is the Coronation Investment Academy?

A platform for you to learn, test your investment skills and work your way up to the top to become an investment guru. Simple! Because we have our newbies in mind, we have made the learning process as seamless as possible by eliminating all the complex financial terms. In addition, all courses on the platform are delivered by financial experts who genuinely want to see you become just as good as they are.

There’s more fun to the Coronation Investment Academy

There’s more: we incorporate so much fun into the learning process with learning checks and quizzes at the end into each module. At the end, you acquire a new and priceless skill effortlessly.

Investment is a lifestyle that should be adopted. Learning how to invest is a skill that is priceless. Coronation Investment Academy is a necessary platform to use if you want to lead in the game of investment.

What’s next?

Click here to learn more about Coronation Investment Academy.

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