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Coronation Insurance - back in time she was there! Right now, she's still here, saving lives

September 14, 2023
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For sure, Coronation Insurance does it so well.

It is not uncommon for our best to be revealed in our work. Our true understanding of the industry has kept us standing till date. Our unmatched delivery of service has brought about customer satisfaction. And the amiable relations we have built and sustained with our clients, has rated us as one of the top players in the industry. All this has been very impactful. What more can be said

What we have presented and still present to you to this day is 65 years of excellence. We have also presented unbroken service delivery, which is Coronation Insurance. With subsidiaries; Coronation General Insurance, Coronation Life insurance & Coronation Insurance Limited, Ghana. Through all this, we have and are still building a legacy that defies all odds to be the best in the industry. How? By being a full line insurance company, which offers a diverse range of products and services covering life, general, and special risk businesses. We are known for providing effective risk management, underwriting and assisting individuals and corporate entities with various types of cover, and underwriting all classes of insurance such as fire and special perils, goods-in-transit and all risk insurance.

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What is Coronation Insurance’s history?

On March 14, 1958, an insurance company was incorporated – a subsidiary of Intercontinental Bank PLC. Wapic (West Africa Provincial Insurance Company was founded as a private limited liability company to transact life and non-life insurance businesses in Nigeria.

As the company grew, so did her assets, her offerings and everything else associated with a thriving insurance company. And on August 31, 1990, the company’s shares were listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. What started as an infant project grew to become what it is today – Coronation Insurance.

Did a name change to Coronation Insurance impact the business?

Businesses are established to meet the consumers’ needs, to be an honourable corporate citizen, and to make profit. Therefore, when a business sets out, one of her main goals is to grow and expand.
With the adoption of the name Coronation Insurance, the management, business deals, strategic partnerships, and assets of the company did not change. Instead, there was a calculated move to reinforce the company’s commitment to serve her clients in a better and improved manner.
So, did a name change from Wapic Insurance to Coronation Insurance impact the business? Yes! It did; and positively.

What do clients say about Coronation Insurance?

In one word, astounding and heart-warming.

We delight in catering to every need of our customers and giving our customers the best experiences. We also respond swiftly to all their complaints. This is why, over the years, we have consistently received satisfactory reviews from them. Their reviews spur us to be better and stand out at what we do. They also serve as a good testimonial to encourage our potential clients.

 “I have had good experiences with your services all the time.” – Paul Tochukwu.

“My experience with Coronation Insurance was awesome. I’ll like to do other businesses with you in future.” – Moyebi Lesly Chika.

“It was a nice experience; you guys are wonderful. Thank you.” – Iretiayo Elijah Adegoke.

What we can do for you

Cater to all your insurance needs and leave you smiling, as is expected of us at Coronation Insurance.

Click here to learn more about all our offerings.

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