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Beyond naira notes: 5 insurance policies that secure your Nigerian journey 

January 3, 2024

Life in Nigeria is like building a big, beautiful house. You pour your heart and soul into it, brick by brick, making sure it’s strong and secure for you and your family. You lay a solid foundation, put up strong walls, and add a welcoming roof. But even the finest house needs protection from rain, wind, and the occasional stray goat. 

This is where insurance comes in. It’s like a set of extra walls, built around your house, keeping it safe from unexpected troubles.  

Imagine it like this: health insurance is like a sturdy brick wall around your health. It shields you from unexpected illnesses and medical bills. Motor insurance is like a metal fence guarding your car, keeping it safe from bumps and crashes on the road. Home insurance is like a roof over your head, protecting your precious home from storms, fire, and even mischievous monkeys. 

So, just like you wouldn’t build a house without thinking about how to protect it, you shouldn’t navigate life in Nigeria without having these essential insurance walls in place. They might seem like an extra expense but think of them as an investment in your peace of mind. They’re there to catch you when life throws you a curveball, ensuring your beautiful Nigerian house stays strong and your journey continues uninterrupted. 

That’s why we list these five insurance policies you should seriously consider:  

Insurance shield against critical illness 

Imagine someone being suddenly diagnosed of critical sickness like cancer or an organ transplant requiring intensive treatment, with the absence of emergency funds. In a land where healthcare costs can feel like mountains, critical illnesses can add financial worries to an already spiralling sense of anxiety.

For critical illness treatment, having health insurance grants access to quality healthcare without draining your savings. Exploring options like the Critical Illness plan, designed to tailor coverage to your individual needs and family size, can take away an unnecessary layer of financial anxiety. Remember, investing in your well-being is the foundation for thriving in every other aspect of life.

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Coronation’s critical illness insurance covers individuals against cases of critical illness (cancer, stroke, organ transplant, Coma etc).

5 insurance policies that secure your Nigerian journey 

Motoring with confidence: your vehicle’s shield 

Navigating the bustling streets of Lagos or cruising down the highways of Enugu, your car becomes an extension of your spirit. Yet, accidents happen, leaving emotional shock and financial burdens in their wake.  

Motor insurance becomes your co-pilot, offering peace of mind on every journey. Third-party coverage ensures you’re not left alone to handle the financial and legal repercussions of an accident involving another vehicle. Consider comprehensive coverage for an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your precious ride from unexpected damages. With reliable insurance by your side, every drive becomes a confident stride towards your destination. 

Building a legacy: bricks and mortar with peace of mind 

From the hustle of building your dream home to the warmth of family gathered within, your property reflects your hard work and aspirations. Yet, natural disasters or unforeseen events can threaten this cherished haven.  

Home insurance becomes your guardian angel, standing watch over your brick-and-mortar investment. Protect yourself against fire, theft, and natural calamities, ensuring your sanctuary remains a fortress of stability even in the face of unforeseen storms. By choosing a comprehensive policy like the Coronation’s Homeowners insurance plan, you secure not just your property, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing your haven is safe. 

Business as unusual: protecting your home and enterprise 

For the Nigerian entrepreneur, passion fuels every venture. But along with the thrill of a new idea comes the vulnerability of unforeseen risks.  

Fire and Special Peril insurance becomes your silent helper, guarding your enterprise against potential setbacks. From liability coverage shielding you from customer claims to business interruption insurance ensuring your income stream remains strong during unforeseen closures, these policies become your silent protectors. With Coronation Insurance by your side, you can focus on scaling your dreams, knowing your business is well-equipped to weather any storm. 

Life’s unwritten chapters: leaving a legacy of love 

Life, like the captivating storytelling traditions of Nigeria, unfolds in unpredictable chapters. Life insurance ensures your loved ones inherit not just memories, but financial security when you’re gone. It becomes a bridge across time, protecting their future even when you’re not there to guide them. Consider Term Protection Plan for affordable coverage throughout your working years. By planning for the inevitable, you weave a narrative of love and care that extends beyond your own lifetime. 

5 insurance policies that secure your Nigerian journey 

More than policies: investing in your peace of mind 

Each of these five insurance policies represent more than just a piece of paper. They are investments in your peace of mind, financial stability, and the ability to chase your dreams with confidence. With the appropriate coverage, you can navigate the dynamic landscape of Nigerian life, secure in the knowledge that your loved ones, assets, and future are shielded from unforeseen plot twists. 

Remember, Coronation is your trusted partner on this journey. We offer insurance options tailored to your needs, like a skilled builder crafting the perfect protection for your home. With Coronation by your side, you can focus on enjoying the blessings of life in Nigeria, knowing your home and business are safe and secure – no matter what life throws at you. 

For more information on any of the policies, reach out to Coronation Insurance at: Tel: +23412774500, +2347099821284 or email  

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