Targeted Insurance Plan for Families

Bundled Insurance Solution for Families: This solution aims to prevent unforeseen contingencies in the family. It is focused on families (including father, mother, and 4 children). This solution is for N70,000 per family.

Coverage: 6 members (Parents and max of 4 children)

Max Age Limit: 60 years



Max Sum Assured


Insurance cover for all properties in the home including phones. Covers for:

·       Theft and Burglary

·       Fire and Special Peril

·       Damages

 Sum Assured of N5 million

·       All Household contents

·       Phones


Insurance covering death, permanent and temporary disability and Medical expense:

·       Education plan (Death of any of the parent)

·       Permanent Disability (any of the parent)

·       Accidental Medical Expenses (any member in the family)

  Education Plan – ₦2.5million

  Permanent Disability – ₦1 million

  Accidental Medical Expenses – ₦500,000


Critical illness of any member of the family such as Cancer, Kidney failure, Liver problems etc.

  ₦5 million




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